Thursday, 19 June 2014

#6 Memoir breaking points can you set yours?

Authors note: This Picture was taken when I was scraping off the thick layers of packed snow from my drive way when suddenly the Ice breaker snapped luckily I was just about ready to stop anyways you could say it was my breaking point. This memoir was based on breaking points I feel this is important because in my opinion a breaking point helps define who we are as individuals and how far we are willing to go to.
I used the question mark leave it as open ended as possible do you believe breaking points are in our nature or are they apart of our nurture?

#5 Memoir Explore all the paths in life

Authors note: This picture matches my memoir because I came to be here through ultimate this was a fundraiser ultimate tournament for cancer research which included a DJ it could possibly be one of my favorite memories during the school year and I would not have even experienced if it weren't for the exploration of the sport to begin with that was my 1st year playing ultimate but after half a season here I am playing with some of the best players in Manitoba that thus I would like to encourage the exploration of all paths available to you throughout life. I choose to change the direction of the text to help others better interpret the message.  

#4 Memoir Its the little things worth remembering

Authors note: This memoir is about past experiences that you will carry with you for the rest of your life
I feel like this picture works well with my memoir because this McDonald feast was bought during graphic arts when one day Mr.Bilious sent me, Mark and Scott on an adventure to purchase McDonalds not only for ourselves but for the entire class. The word little is shrunk down but turned white making stand apart from the others in doing so I have tried to replicate the feeling of a memorable experience only in the the type.

#3 Memoir DON'T let life pass you by

Authors note: This memoir is about social relations and the importance of staying connected with friends and peers within your community now more then ever I am realizing all of the people that I have taken for granted and how much I will miss them once I have graduated. I feel this picture represents my memoir because in preventing life from passing you by you are automatically exploring different ethnic groups and cultures that may or may not have otherwise interacted with and in the same way our shoes don't define who we are why should we let our skin or beliefs divide our community.  

#2 Memoir Positivity is the Key to happiness

Authors note: I am a strong believer in the power of thinking positively and for that reason I have decided to make this memoir based on it. This picture was taken the day of me and mark completing the very rigorous tutorial video project in graphic arts which I believe turned out quite well but only because of the constructive criticism of others and the power of perseverance and positivity once we had completed it we not only felt a great deal of a accomplishment but as well happiness. the word positivity is red to signify the positive charge and if you notice there aren't any words in black this is because black is representative of a negative charge. The word Key has been changed to yellow this is because in my mind when I think of an ultimate key to life it is the sun and thus I made the key yellow because I believe the ultimate key to life is positivity.

#1 Memoir Wild, Goofy, Embarrassing wouldn't change anything

Authors note: This six word memoir was inspired by family I felt like it was a very appropriate because although they often care to much or act goofy or odd I know there are those who aren't so lucky and would do pretty much everything to have the just a portion of the affection I receive on a daily basis. I chose to change the colour's of the words wild, goofy and embarrassing because I felt like it helps project the deeper meaning of each word that I am trying to invoke in the beholder further more the image I have chosen fits with the memoir because this picture was taken at the beginning of a very interesting night to say the least.

Friday, 13 June 2014

reading tweets #2

Divergent so far very curious makes me wonder what the world would be like if we were split into factions what factions do you think would exist #discuss #intro

!-When Beatrice encounters the old man who says "choose wisely" I think she may choose a harder path #prediction #foreshadowing

?- Do you think she will decide on switching factions or remain in her current one #question

language so far is very descriptive the author does a great job of expressing body language in her writing #writing style

I wonder how well other factions treat transfers my guess is poorly #prediction

John Massey Text connection assignment #3

The text to self connection I made while reading the book divergent was the jump into the seemingly deadly hole or the triumphant victory over what the hole represented fear and the passing into a new life leaving behind all Beatrice once knew. now personally I have never experienced a death defying jump such as this one but when reading this portion of the book I could not help but remember a similar jump that I underwent when I was a young  child my parents brought me to a cliff jumping location which was completely safe but like any (most) children I could not help but fear for my safety looking down at the water completely bewildered just staring blankly trying to figure out what might be beneath the water but to no avail there was no way of knowing for sure it was a leap of faith just like in the book I too came to realization that once I had conquered the jump I could truly stare fear In eye. Well at least a fear of heights.

The text to text connection I made while reading the book divergent was during the choosing ceremony Beatrice decided to go to dauntless and take a bold step to towards new life this part reminded me of a snowboarding book I read in middle school basically there was a cliff that no one dared go off it but the main character took a bold step and went off it in order to win a race kind of in the same way Beatrice acted when the choice fell upon her to be the abnegation girl her parents would have liked her to be or to dare to be something greater something meaningful.

during the book divergent without even being aware of it I issued each of the factions with an ethnic group that I was aware off in the world and in the same way some people are discriminated in our society it was happening again in the book people namely the abnegation were be discriminated because of how they were raised.   

My Bucket list Project

Animoto Link to my video-

Author's Note -
     My name is John Massey I found the bucket list project really cool I feel this way because In making bucket list you also set goals and aspirations which I believe are essential for life after high school I for one know this project has had a huge impact on what Im deciding on doing with the rest of my life and I fully intend on trying to cross off as many things as possible from my list.

What now -

      For my so what I have decided to take my Road test I have booked it for the 16th and with any luck on monday I'll have my intermediate license and be crossing it off my list.

Johns Massey's bucket list project

1. Travel to Italy
2. Learn German
3. Run a Marathon
4. Go sky diving
5. Go hang gliding
6. See the northern lights
7. Learn to play the guitar
8. Do a back flip
9. Visit a castle in England
10. Complete the worlds hardest game
11. Save a life
12. Go bungee jumping
13. Ride a camel
14. Go sailing for at least a week
15. shoot a gun
16. Go pool hopping
17. Ride an elephant
18. Surf inside a wave
19. Drive a Ferrari
20. Experience zero gravity
21. Witness a kangaroo
22. Learn how to draw people
23. Learn the drums
24. Donate blood
25. Restore a car
26. Beat marks 2048 score
27. Go zip lining
28. Give a massive tip
29. Be on a game show
30. Swim in the dead sea
31. Sprint through an airport to catch a flight
32. Get a hole in one
33. visit the 7 wonders of the world
34. Create my own chess board
35. Go dog sledding
36. Jump in after a fish thats getting away
37. Go spelunking
38. Go on a safari
39. Catch a sturgeon
40. live to see hover cars
41. learn to dance (well)
42. Start a food fight
43. Pay of a mortgage
44. Stop slouching
45. Make a million dollars
46. Perfect my signature
47. Get a six pack(abs)
48. Stay in touch with friends
49. Become a firefighter
50. Finish my bucket list

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Unexpected Wisdom

It was a cool autumn night everything and everyone was at peace with each other everyone but the young ambitious physicist  Edwin Jacobs. Edwin was young but deadly intelligent he alone fought each and every waking hour constantly striving to not only be the best physicist his city had ever seen but rather be the best physicist the world had ever seen.  Concocting any theory was not what he seeked he above all else wanted to unravel the mystery that was space and time itself. His mother was both compassionate and supportive as she believed that he could accomplish anything once he set his mind to it her name was Adelia she had brown hair and was around 5 feet 6 inches tall. His father Edmund had black hair and was around 6 feet 1 inch tall but was both ferocious and forthcoming and therefore he was not afraid to tell Edwin how diluted this plan might sound in fact Edmund had already put in place great plans for his child and none of them would include the goose chase that was explaining time.  But this did not faze Edwin for a second as he inherited his father's stubbornness. So once he was old enough to carry out his long awaited life's passion he ran out the door 
exclaiming "its my life and I will live it how I see fit" and left right after his father roared in frustration. Edwin began traveling he was a man and no longer daunted by what or who he might come across.  Edwin set out far and wide for knowledge that he could bring together in order to finally solve the riddle that so many before him had failed to do. He started in a nearby city next to the home he had left behind still clinging on to what he once knew but also hoping to find anything that might help him.  
The entrance to city was grand but nothing in comparison to the grandeur of the city itself the streets were paved to a smooth finish that reflected the sun's light which gave everything near them a luminescent glow. Here he hoped that the answers he seeked would be found.  After many days exploring this new and extravagant place he found a great deal of trinkets and goods he thought were peculiar but none brought he closer to his goal to his surprise the people who inhabited  the city were too busy or uninterested all but a man begging for his next meal this man was not your typical beggar he was not sad at all despite what had befallen him but rather he was relaxed and quite composed or satisfied. Edwin was confused he wondered what might this man have to be so content with he tried to ignore the beggar but there was something exotic or foreign about him and the more he thought about him the more questions grew in his mind like a plague of thoughts that seemed inescapable.  
The next day he sought out the man hoping to find him in the same location he had seen him the day previous luckily the man was still there in fact he seemed almost statue like now unwavering except the the slight movements of his chest expanding and contracting Edwin quickly moved towards him at this point almost ready to explode with curiosity once he had reached the man he asked as politely as humanly possible 
"sir how is it that you alone remain happy and content with what you have but others in this city seem relentless in the pursuit for personal achievement" in a reporter like fashion.  
The beggar confused at first turned slowly to Edwin and simply said "its not what we as people have achieved with our time but rather who we choose to share it with that is important don't you think so ?"
Just as he was finishing what he was trying say his wife appeared from down the sidewalk in raggedly cloths but was still surprisingly beautiful in her own way 
Edwin replied with a hint of hesitation "yes but don't you believe you could accomplish something greater in life."
the beggar inquired "what is greater than living a life surrounded by those who love you" 
Edwin again completely caught off guard unable to give the beggar an answer this time nodded in recognition and 
said "thank you" slowly turning away pondering what the old man had said completely and totally perplexed at the level insight the man displayed and it dawned on him the pursuit for time was relentless just like the people he had encountered in the city it was endless time was not something that could simply be explained it was something that had to savored and cherished with those you love. immediately Edwin knew he had made a grave mistake leaving his family and friends behind so he took all he had and promptly returned to his old life and although still thirsty for knowledge Edwin would rather try and explain the mysteries of the world from the safety comfort of his home town.        

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Visual so what?

The image shows a behemoth of a creature and a city living along side it I think this could be representative of the tyranny  that this beast caused them because the city is living in its shadow or perhaps the inhabitants chose to live here to show those who might wish to harm them their strength. In the background a great storm is rolling in which could represent impending doom or difficult times ahead.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Ted Talk Rory :Sutherland: Perspective is everything

This ted talk was truly intriguing not only was it funny but also extremely insightful I feel it had a powerful impact on me because it presented a different point of view that impinges upon ones everyday life and objectified the absurdity of various choices made showing us that there has to be a balance between technology, Economics, and Psychology in order to truly make rational decisions. He accomplished this by using the power of perception and in doing so added whole new aspects otherwise obscured. During this TED talk he uses various examples in order to further his points of view one in particular stuck out for me which was extremely interesting in my opinion that I've decided to share he points out that six billion pounds were spent to reduce the travel time on a train called the euro star from Paris to London by 40 minutes but for a mere faction of the cost that it took to reduce the travel time they could have installed internet on the train which wouldn't have reduced the travel time but rather made for a far more enjoyable ride and for maybe 10% of the money you could have payed all the worlds top male and female super models to walk around the train handing out free extravagant wine to the passengers leaving you with 5 billion pounds but the passengers would ask for the train to be slowed down as a result. This TED talk changed the way I perceive things in a extraordinary way.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick write smell taste

The anticapation kills me as I wait for my meal to be prepared imagining the sweet suculent chicken being placed in front of me and the meat melting in my mouth causes my mouth to water and an unquenchable hunger begins to ster within me visualising a gravy tsunami pouring down my mashed potatoes causing unimaginable devestation on kernals of corn below. 

My Eden

My eden would only have one season it would be neither summer nor winter but rather a constant ocean breeze that would sweep across the lands it would be shrouded in mountains so that winter activitys could be enjoyed all year round but so could summer ones on the terrain below food would be abundant and none would go hungry and a great stream would flow through the heart of the city. the city would be neither mordern nor ancient but rather buildings would have both culture and practicality.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

How to tie your shoe's in two movements

Step One: Lay the foundation of a normal shoe tie by criss-crossing the laces. 

Step Two: Make guns with your hands place the right and left laces under the fingers on your hands which are pointing inward. 

Step Three: Once you have your guns point them at the ground bring your thumb and pointer finger underneath and over your right lace.

Step Four: Now with your left lace bring your pointer over and under the lace and follow up with your thumb.

Step Five: Now you should have what looks like to strings across your fingers what you need to do is do the movement to cross them.

Step Six: Grab the upper area of the left lace with your right thumb and pointer and grab the lower area of the right lace with your left thumb and pointer.

Step Seven: pull each lace finishing the tie.

Monday, 21 April 2014

blog theme explanation

       I have chosen the mountain background for my blog because during spring break I went to the mountains with two of my uncles and my dad and the trip left quite the lasting impression on me.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Comments in creative writing on blogs


- I love the comment with a short shelf life on the side of the box. also that tiger is hysterical.


- Insane amount of energy and action creates an almost surreal experience.


- I am curious as to how someone got a ton of dead babies on a tree and where did they get the babies?

Monday, 3 March 2014

Quick write / if life was a video game

If life was a video game childhood would be a level which taut you differnt skills or moves which allowed you to progress in later levels such as young adult only once  you have finished levels 1-2 would you be allowed to play level 3 adulthood collecting points along the way would be key for making a more enjoyable gaming experience throughout the epic journey that is your life some people would mature or progress through levels at a slower or faster rate. The level adulthood would be met with various decisions which would affect the journey set before you and the trials and tribulations that in turn might be associated with that journey. Some levels would be far more difficult then others but would also yield far more rewards. As you mature through levels you as a gamer would become more intelligent and vastly increase he speed at which you solve problems set before you. Unfortunately all games come to an end and in this case the end is death but your high score would be determined by how many points/experiences you had throughout the game and if it was high enough you may have made it to the highscores list leaving all other players a constant reminder of what you have accomplished. Throughout your life.

Digital Foot print

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mortimer online reading

Watching Ben read to the grade 3 class in Thompson was an unforgettable experience one child was flapping his hands and arms with a complete disregard as to where they were and who saw him flapping them a true visionarie.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Quick write / which door

I would choose to journey through the Hogwarts door because because Harry potter was a gate way to my inner most imagination and early on instilled certain values within me reinforcing my confidence and the powerful concept that I could do anything or accomplish anything if I put my mind to it just as the wizards of Hogwarts did during the epic tale that is Harry potter. Once through this door I would be met with the grand cathedrals of Hogwarts that felt all to real as a child and begin my training as I powerful wizard within the institution of learning that would be met with a bounty of treacherous events that could at any moment take my life. Embarking on my dubious future will I survive ? Only time will tell.